The Enemies of Lean Mass

Lean mass and your enemies!

That text goes to you, Monster. That follows the entire schedule of your training. Train hard, lazy and go every day and are not able to increase lean mass gain? You can be sure that you are doing something wrong.

Pay good on your food, Monster. As you know, your diet is as important as pulling iron in the gym. Your body needs to receive enough nutrients to support the intensity of the exercise and the muscles to recover.

However, we do know that you are still HUMAN, Monster and can end up careless and slipping. We have separated for you the biggest enemies of lean mass!


Note these names: Alcohol, Ultra-Processed Food, Dehydration and Insomnia. They can literally screw you up with your diet. Let's explain the ills of each of them in your body.

alcohol alcohol


This is a factor that is present in everyone's daily life. Always present at celebrations, barbecues and that football game. Some say they drink socially, others make it a daily habit. The real thing is that no matter how often, alcohol is one of the main enemies of the one trying to lose weight.

Of course, you are still HUMAN (again!) And you can have a drink, like wine. They say a cup is the ideal day for your body.

Alcohol prevents your body from absorbing sufficient nutrients and can even cause vitamin deficiency.

In short, for you to understand, avoid the hype. When you go for a cold drink, do it on a lined stomach.

processed foods processed foods


When you eat every three hours, your dietitian says it is to eat HEALTHY FOOD and not a cheeseburger from the fast food chain. These same foods are rich in sugars, fat and sodium. VERY SOOD.

Try to eat a fruit, which are undervalued. And avoid foods like crackers, snack foods, juices (This is disgusting) and sodas as much as possible.

Dehydration Dehydration

3 - Dehydration

Monster, have you ever drunk water today? Our body is surrounded by 60% of water and on average we usually lose 2 to 3% without doing physical activity. Therefore, you should consume something around 2 liters of water a day.

With the body dehydrated the internal temperature tends to rise, and with that comes the problems.

If you are not in the habit of drinking water, use technology to your advantage. There are several apps that remind you it's time to have a drink of water.



When you train for hypertrophy, your muscles are elevated to stress and need a good rest. This process is critical for anyone who wants to increase lean mass.

In other words, you always need to sleep well. We've said it so many times it may sound repetitive, but we still get messages like "I want to grow up, am I doing right?"

Sleep at least eight hours a day. If you suffer from lack of sleep, look for a specialist.

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