10 mg 90 Caps


Other Names: RAD-140

Purity: 99%min

Appearance: White Powder

CAS: 1182367-47-0

Name: RAD-140

Certificate: GMP/ISO9001

Shelf life: 2 Years

Color: White


What You Need to Know About Rad140 Testolone


What is Rad140 Testolone?

Known as both Testolone AND Rad140, this selective androgen receptor modulator is considered one of the most powerful mass building SARMS around. Alongside being able to selectively bind with the androgen receptors in your bones and muscles, Rad140 can also safely encourage growth and development in both – without interfering with any of your other biological functions i.e. hormone production.

In fact, Testolone is different to a lot of SARMs, because instead of focusing purely on mass gains, it has traded mass for strength. And this trade is probably one of the wisest choices you could ever make because these go hand-in-hand.

Think about it… If you lift hard enough – and eat right – then the mass will naturally follow.

Now before you lose heart, this SARM has still got a lot to offer in terms of muscle gains. Sure, they may be smaller, but they are still there. Hell, thanks to its anabolic effects, you can experience results with even a low dose. The key is – just don’t go expecting it to produce the same amount of muscle, as some of the others. Do that and you’ll be happy with what Rad140 has got to offer.


What else is Rad140 used for?

Testolone may be better known for its bodybuilding capabilities; however, thanks to the Phase I clinical trials being performed by Radius Healthcare, its reputation extends into other areas too.

Currently, research is being done to determine Rad140’s impact in the treatment of weight loss caused by Cachexia, and whether it can be used as a safer alternative to Testosterone replacement therapy. This is due to it being only a partial agonist/antagonists to androgenic regulations in the prostrate – meaning it can help reduce prostate enlargement (which is common amongst anabolic steroid users).

Similarly, thanks to it only binding to the androgen receptors in your bone and muscle tissues; Testolone can safely trigger lean muscle mass growth; prevent muscle wastage, and at a high enough dosage, can help you to lose fat.

NOTE: One thing to remember with this particular SARM though is that it is only available as a research chemical. Bought for anything else, it’s illegal.

How does Testolone work?


Like most SARMs, Rad140 has an affinity for certain androgen receptors in your body – in this case, the ones in your bone and muscle tissues. When it encounters these particular receptors, Testolone binds with them before mimicking the action of testosterone and DHT (androgens which are basically hormonal compounds).

For example, it will trigger an increase in nitrogen retention as well as boosting protein synthesis, enabling you to gain lean muscle mass faster.

However, unlike synthetic androgens, Testolone doesn’t aromatize (convert testosterone into estrogen – leading to saggy man boobs); it doesn’t get converted into DHT; it doesn’t bind to the androgen receptors found in your prostate, and it doesn’t cause liver toxicity.

Rad140 benefits

The great thing about Testolone is that you can use it for both bulking and cutting, which is quite handy when you’re bodybuilding as you can save on the cost of switching between products.

Instead, thanks to its ability to suppress androgenic side effects, you can confidently incorporate it into your cycle without fear of later developing man-tits or experiencing problems with your prostate.

But that is not the only benefit you have got to look forward to…

Even if you use it on its own, Testolone can also offer the following Rad140 results:

  • Increased strength – as we mentioned at the beginning, Rad140 is renowned for boosting your strength. As quickly as 2 weeks into your cycle, you will begin to notice a difference in your lifts, as they’ll become easier to do. Similarly, you’ll be able to last longer and workout more intensely during sets.


  • These strength gains are very real and will come on gradually and consistently – not something even anabolic steroids can guarantee. Quite often they will give you a false sense of strength that can lead to injury. Rad140 doesn’t have such problems.


  • Lean, hard muscle gains – true your muscle gains with Rad140 won’t be as pronounced as some other SARMs; however, similar to Anavar and Masterone, it can produce decent hardening effects, as well as helping you to experience great pumps.Because of this, Testolone is a great finishing compound and is particularly useful if you’re using a steroid known to cause water retention, as it will work to counteract this problem.


  • Improved sense of well-being – Rad140 can help you to escape feelings of lethargy which are fairly common at the end of steroid cycles (or if you’re in poor shape). Instead, Rad140 can give you a much-needed boost, helping to make your workouts more enjoyable and productive, whilst lifting your mood.


  • Minimize androgenic side effects – we’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, as a non-hormonal compound, Rad140 won’t get converted into DHT or estrogen. Nor will it cause aromatization.And this is good news for your body, as the last thing you want after hitting the gym hard is to develop man boobs and lose hair. Instead, Rad140 can help to reduce swelling in your prostate gland.


  • Increased fat loss – we won’t lie and say Testolone is the best at encouraging fat loss. However, by boosting protein synthesis and prompting your body to use existing fat stores for energy, you will naturally see a boost in your metabolism as well as increased fat loss.

Similarly, as you build up more muscle mass and workout more aggressively; your body will need to access its fat reserves in order to support this increased energy demand. And who can say no to fat disappearing from in and around your gut? Not us that’s for sure.


  • Protect your brain – one of the original therapeutic purposes behind Rad140 was to act as a preventative measure against Alzheimer’s. By protecting your brain from amyloid beta proteins – and increasing brain cell growth – it was believed that it could reduce the onset of this condition.

By Josh, published June 9, 2019. Updated June 14, 2019.

RAD 140

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