30 mg 90 Caps
CAS No.:

Purity: 99%min

Product Name: S23

Appearance: Yellow powder

Storage: 2 years if properly stored


What is Stenabolic S23 SARM?


S23 SARM (or S23 for short) is a nonsteroidal SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator) that many users claim to be the most potent SARM available – some even say that it is more powerful than S4 Andarine.

By binding selectively to only the androgen receptors in your bones and muscles; S23 can help to stimulate new muscle cells and bone tissues by mimicking the action of testosterone. In fact, according to alleged research, SARM S23 can harden muscles; encourage increased lean muscle mass and bone tissue growth; can prevent muscle wasting and can boost fat loss.

But that is not all it can do…

It is currently being researched by GTX (a pharmaceutical company that specializes in hormonal drugs) to see if it can be used as a male contraceptive (due to its sperm-suppressing characteristics). During a study on rats, it caused 100% infertility in all cases. NOTE: This infertility was only temporary and was quickly reversed once they stopped receiving S23.

Now, despite the clear benefits S23 appears to possess – hell, it has even been likened to Winstrol and Anavar for effectiveness – there is one important thing that you need to know. SARM 23 has never been tested on people. NEVER. In fact, it is not approved for human use and like all SARMs has been banned by the WADA.

The only way it can be bought is as a research chemical.

How does S23 work?

We’ve touched on the mechanics of S23 briefly in the section above, but if you’re genuinely interested in knowing how it works, then this is what we know:

Like all SARMs, S23 only produces anabolic results in your muscles and bones. This is because S23 is designed to only target and bind to the androgen receptors in these areas. The rest of the androgen receptors in your body, it happily ignores.

And this is good news for your body, as it means you won’t have to deal with any of the common side effects that can arise when all androgen receptors become bound i.e. liver toxicity, prostate enlargement, etc. Instead, S23 is only interested in increasing the activity of genes which are responsible for making muscle proteins, whilst sending signals to bone-building cells to boost production.

What are the benefits of using S23? What S23 results can you expect?


FACT: Cell studies on S23 have found that it can establish strong bonds with androgen receptors, making it one of the most potent SARMs around.

Because of these ‘strong bonds’ you can expect to experience the following benefits:

Increased lean muscle mass

To encourage mating in rats, they were given S23 alongside estrogen (which can cause muscle loss). S23 was able to override the effects of estrogen, instead helping the rats involved to increase their lean muscle mass and strength.

Users have also reported being able to better retain their gains at the end of their cycle due to using S23.

Increased strength and stamina

Users have reported significant boosts to their physical endurance, speed and stamina after incorporating S23 into their cycle. As a result, they were able to work out harder and for longer.

Fat loss

During a study on rats, S23 SARM helped to decrease their average body weight and fat mass, whilst increasing their bone mineral density and muscle size. This study also showed that high dosages of S23 can increase fat burning and fat oxidation, leading to massive drops in body fat. Therefore, it stands to reason the more S23 you take, the greater your fat loss will be.

Prevents muscle wasting

S23 helped rats (during a study) to not lose muscle mass as a result of glucocorticoids (used long term, glucocorticoids can cause serious muscle loss). S23 helped preserve the size of fast-twitch (power) and slow-twitch (endurance) muscles from the over-use of glucocorticoids.

During a study on rats, SARM S23 (when injected) reduced their sperm counts to such extreme levels that they had a 100% infertility rate. This effect was only temporary though and once they stopped receiving S23, their sperm counts returned to normal. Not too long after they were able to resume mating at a 100% success pregnancy rate.

Note: the effective birth control dosage of S23 is pretty narrow, meaning too high an S23 dosage could have the opposite effect and support sperm production.

Increased bone strength

Thanks to S23’s dual action benefits of activating bone-building cells and increasing muscle strength; together this may be able to increase bone strength. For instance, during animal studies, S23 SARM was found to raise bone mineral density and muscle mass.

This means S23 could potentially help postmenopausal women or those with osteoporosis who have developed bone disease as a result of falling estrogen levels. By mimicking testosterone, S23 can help to keep your bones strong and healthy, whilst speeding up recovery and preventing fractures (by increasing muscle mass).

Normally, this lack of sexual motivation (HSDD) is treated with testosterone; however, this can lead to further problems such as an increased risk of heart disease and breast cancer.

S23 can help you to experience a positive boost in sexual desire with none of the risks commonly associated with testosterone. When given to postmenopausal rats, S23 helped to increase their sexual motivation, whilst maintaining the size and lining of their uterus.

  • Minimal to no water retention

Users have reported experiencing no bloating/water retention whilst using S23, meaning they were able to maintain all of their gains even after their S23 cycle had finished. As a result, S23 is regularly used for cutting by bodybuilders and athletes.

  • Harder muscle aesthetic

If you’re training for a competition, then S23 could help you to develop a harder, grainier muscle aesthetic (as it encourages you to develop dry, lean looking muscles).

Potential side effects of S23

Whilst this SARM may be a lot safer than anabolic steroids, it isn’t 100% perfect. Far from it…

Like a lot of strong SARMs, S23 has been linked to the following unpleasant side effects:

    • Testosterone shutdown

Whilst mimicking the actions of testosterone in your body, S23 can decrease natural testosterone production to such levels that some users have had to supplement with TRT to help combat this resulting testosterone deficiency.

Fortunately, this side effect doesn’t last and can be reversed once you finish your cycle. However, it is strongly recommended that you use PCT to restore natural production faster.


By Josh, published June 15, 2019. Updated August 7, 2019.


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